boost your metabolismNikki Boswell, Nutritionist for the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge shares some information about how eating a healthy meal plan combined with the right exercise helps to boost your metabolism and what that does for your weight loss goals:
The September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge combines a metabolism boosting meal plan with an exercise program specially designed to burn calories and build metabolically active lean muscle mass.
Our metabolism can be thought of to comprise of both anabolism, the synthesis of compounds needed for growth, repair and function; and catabolism, the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy. Both aspects of metabolism are critically stimulated by the foods we eat and the exercise we do.
The recipes and snacks within the September Challenge meal plans focus on nutrient-dense, whole foods that provide sustained energy and aid a healthy body weight. While the exercises focus on increasing the heart rate for optimal energy expenditure both during the workouts and throughout the rest of the day. The exercise plans also build lean muscle mass that significantly increases your fat burning potential.
Recipes such as the Chicken Pasta Salad provide a great combination of low GI carbohydrates, fibre and protein which are slow to digest and promote an efficient metabolism and prime the body for an effective workout. Lean protein, consumed in partnership with the specifically designed exercise program, works to increase metabolically active muscle mass.
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Nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains frequently feature in the September 28 Day Challenge meal plans as great sources of protein, while also containing healthy fats, carbohydrate, fibre, several B group vitamins, vitamin E, minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium, and antioxidant minerals (selenium, manganese and copper), that are all essential to keep the body and metabolism functioning properly and increase your energy levels.
Spices such as turmeric and chilli are also featured to boost your metabolism and help you feel more alert and active and have been combined with other metabolism boosting ingredients to create healthy, delicious dishes such as the Curried Chickpeas and Thai Pork Burgers.
Cinnamon is another a great metabolism boosting spice that is used to help curb your sweet tooth and prevent those sugar binges which are a metabolic nightmare, while also improving glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity for an overall metabolic benefit. Recipes such as the Cinnamon & Strawberry Oats make the most of these metabolic benefits while including protein rich pepitas to bump up the thermogenic effect of this recipe.
Nikki Boswell, Nutritionist
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