healthy eating meal plansNikki Boswell, Nutritionist for the December 28 Day Challenge has provided her top ways to ensure you don’t overindulge with alcohol this festive season:
When it comes to Christmas indulgence, we don’t tend to limit ourselves to food – we also like to knockback a few extra bevvies over the festive season. The big problem being, alcoholic (and even many non-alcoholic) drinks can have as many calories as a small meal!
A single nip of the Christmas favourite, Baileys Irish Cream packs a whopping 129cal, a festive pina-colada could add up to over 400 calories to your intake and even a small 150ml of white wine will add around 100 calories. As you can see, a drink or two with dinner can quickly add a lot of extra calories.
A few extra drinks over the evening can also loosen your eating inhibitions and have you heading for the chips and dips twice as much as you would otherwise, giving you a double calorie whammy.
healthy eating recipesOf course it is ok to enjoy a special drink over the festive season, but as always be mindful of your portion size, choose smaller glasses, dilute wine or spirits with ice and mineral water and choose low alcoholic options rather than full strength. Be sure to drink a glass of water or mineral water between each alcoholic drink and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

Top picks at the bar include:

  • Vodka with soda (40%, 30ml vodka plus 150ml soda) ~64 calories (add ice and a squeeze of lime for a delicious twist)
  • Red wine (13.5%, 150ml) ~100 calories
  • White wine (11.5%, 150ml) ~100 calories (try a white wine spritzer with soda water, ice, oranges and strawberries)
  • Light Beer (2.7%, 200ml) ~50 calories (try a spritzer with diet lemonade)
  • Look for the selection of delicious and healthy cocktail and mocktail recipes available in the Guide to a Healthy Summer Body in the Challenge Hub, for some great drink options.

Nikki Boswell, Nutritionist