Hayley is a mum who has found that healthy eating and exercise from the 28 Day Plan has helped her start off her pregnancy weight loss with a bang.
She has already lost over 13kg and is enjoying the new healthy eating lifestyle.
Great work Hayley, we are going to keep our eye on you and your progress in the coming months as you approach your goal weight. Well done!
‘I am a 20 year old mum of a 4 month old baby boy.
I started Lose Baby Weight in July 2014 using the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan book.
It was a great way to start, not only was the food easy to prepare it was also extremely tasty and got the tick of approval from my partner.
I then used the book and all the content on the website to create my own meal plans.
I then signed up for the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge on the subscription as I cannot get enough of all the food!
I have yet to start any of the exercises as I had a c-section and I feel my body isn’t ready yet.
I have been running without pain in the past few weeks and cannot wait to give the exercises a go in the November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
I started at 119.1kg with a goal weight of 75kg.
I am currently sitting at 103.6kg meaning I have a lost a total of 15.5kg and a massive 117cm following Lose Baby Weight and I know I will be able to lose the rest!
I take progress shots every month, which I find so motivating.
I cannot wait to hit my goal weight and see how much my body has changed!
Lose Baby Weight has taught me so much about food and I love that it isn’t a quick fix diet but a healthy lifestyle that I will be able to pass onto my son and future children.
It has turned me into a much healthier and happier mum and has taught me to love my body!
I cannot thank Lose Baby Weight enough for how it has turned my life around!
Thanks Lose Baby Weight Team.’
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