I cannot believe it is December already, the last month of 2015 and the last chance for us to make a change during 2015. I have lost over 35kgs* with Lose Baby Weight!
Lose Baby Weight- 35kg Loss

During December I will still be undergoing my 6 week challenge (until Christmas) and I will be continuing to be chocolate free also until Christmas.
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My goals for this month are to hit 84kg and to feel confident at the beach over the Christmas weekend.
I am currently sitting at 85.6kg, a loss of 33.5kg since July 2014 – only 10.6kg till my goal weight. I cannot wait to have less than 10kg to go! Nearly on the home stretch.
I have fallen in love all over again with the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, and I start every single day with one.
I love that I can have a different flavour combo depending on my mood and that I am starting my day off filled with loads of vitamins and minerals and all the good stuff. I am also still loving the 28 Day Challenge, I love all the fresh variety.
I especially love all the healthy alternatives on the challenge so when I am feeling like something naughty I can have one of the alternatives and not feel guilty, sick or bloated.
I thought in today’s blog I would share with you ladies two of my biggest tips for making consistent healthy eating a little easier.
Find a weight loss buddy. I am lucky enough to have not only a very supportive partner who is on this journey with me but also a close friend of mine undergoing this journey who has been with me every step of the way.
Wanting to stay on track this Christmas? Join TEAM HEALTHY MUMMY here
I find it so helpful when I am having a tough day or I don’t want to exercise all I have to do is send a message to my friend and she is there with words of encouragement. I also find it motivating to help her when she is struggling.
When giving other people advice it is important to read that advice and see if maybe you need to take it as well.
There have been many times when I have been lending advice that I have had a massive light bulb moment and realised that wait I need to do this as well.
Get your kids/partners involved. Although my son is still quite young I am already getting him involved and making food preparation fun.
I love spending time in the kitchen and if I can pass that onto my son along with knowledge on healthy eating then it is really a win win.
As my son gets older I hope that having him involved in the kitchen will help him to eat a variety of foods.
My partner as mentioned above is also on the healthy eating train and it really helps that he is on board. It makes it easier that he doesn’t bring temptation foods into the house and discourages me when my willpower is slipping.
Having your family involved makes it so much more a lifestyle change than a diet which makes consistently eating healthy a lot easier too.
Here is to a good month ladies, stay strong throughout the festive season and just try your best.
Hayley xx
Wanting to stay on track this Christmas? Join TEAM HEALTHY MUMMY here

Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Megan Lost 18kgs* with the 28 Day Challenges
healthy eating meal plans
Megan says: “I have been on the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Challenges for nearly 12 months. In that time I have lost 18kgs* but the confidence and happiness I have gained is so much more. The anxiety that used to rule my life barely exists anymore. 
The 28 Day Challenges have been amazing for our family. The customise tool is the best. So easy to use and there are so many recipes you would be crazy not to find something you love. I find a new favourite meal every week!! They are quick and easy. I am very far from a good cook but these meals are so easy even I can cook them. And the best part of all is no need to make separate meals because they are husband and child friendly!!!”
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