Being pregnant – some women love it and some hate it. No two experiences are the same and below Trisha Lloyd shares her experience below – Thank you Trish for sharing
“I have been pregnant twice and I love my babies more than anything in the world but did I love being pregnant? HELL NO!
From the moment I got the positive result from the pregnancy test it was the longest 40 weeks of my life!  My morning sickness started straight away and was morning, midday and night time sickness.  I felt tired all the time and all I wanted to do was sleep – which was tough as in my first pregnancy I was still in work and in my second I had a toddler to look after.
Then when all my pregnant friends were ‘glowing’ I looked more like a spotty teenager with a new breakout every week.  Not a good look. Ahhhh and then the weight gain. Whilst all my friends were bragging about not putting weight on in the first trimester – boom by week 12 I had already gained 4kg.  And I must add that I wasn’t pigging out on junk food, but as I felt so tired and generally quite crappy I ended up comfort eating my favourite foods and was not taking any exercise as I felt so tired and sick.
And then the second trimester came and so did constant leg cramps and the inability to sleep as well as another 10kg weight gain. I hated going to work and I hated everyone trying to touch my belly and I hated not having anything to wear.
By the third trimester I had started drooling in my sleep and waking up every morning to a soaking wet pillow. I slept badly every night, had developed haemerroids, had terrible headaches, felt sick all the time and put on another 10kg which totalled my pregnancy weight gain at 24kg.  And 24kg on a 5ft 4 frame was a lot.
As far as I was concerned the birth couldn’t come fast enough!! Then when I had my little girl all my pregnancy hate was gone. I had a gorgeous little baby and as much as I had hated being pregnant it had given me the most precious thing in the entire world.
Unfortunately for me I didn’t lose my baby weight before getting pregnant again – which was pretty quick after my little girl was born at 8 months later, so the second pregnancy was even harder as I had a lot of extra weight to carry so the second pregnancy was even less pleasant than number one!!
But now my little boy is 12 months old and my little girl is 21 months old I have decided to lose the pregnancy weight for good and so far have lost 3.5kg in 3 weeks on the Lose Baby Weight plans!  So wish me luck and I hope to have my before and after pics on the lose baby weight site by Christmas as I have 30kg more to lose – GULP”.