Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy are celebrating their 5th birthday this October and as part of the celebrations we’re sharing loads of helpful information around the number 5.
Information that will help you with your healthy eating plans and exercise routines to ensure they are a real success towards reaching your weight loss goals.
We have selected our favourite five recipes from the 28 Day Challenge with five or less key ingredients so that you can quickly and easily make some delicious meals in no time at all and without busting your grocery budget:

1) Quick & Healthy Pesto Penne

lose baby weight
A delicious and healthy version of a pasta favourite. Pre-prepare the pesto and refrigerate or freeze so you can quickly put together a healthy lunch or increase the ingredient quantities to serve the whole family.

2) Cashew Fried Rice

healthy eating recipes
A delicious fried rice, accompanied by a healthy side salad. A meal the whole family will love and great as leftovers for lunch the next day.

3) Kale Caesar Salad

lose baby weight
A contemporary twist on a classic salad. Using kale leaves gives you an extra serve of healthy greens. Prepare everything for this salad ahead of time and just dress when ready to serve to save you time at lunch.
When choosing a pre-made Caesar dressing, look for one that is low in sugar.

4) Coconut Berry Pudding

healthy eating recipes
This is a great snack to prepare ahead of time. Store in the fridge in individual serves and then just combine with yoghurt and berries when ready to enjoy.

5) Chickpea & Lamb Salad

best ways to lose weight
Simple but so tasty – this lamb salad is sure to please. Prepare ahead of time and then just assemble when ready to serve.
With only a few ingredients it’s really easy to prepare healthy and tasty meals for you and the whole family in no time.
best ways to lose weight