Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy celebrated their 5th birthday in October and as part of the celebrations we’re sharing loads of helpful information around the number 5.
Information that will help you with your healthy eating plans and exercise routines to ensure they are a real success towards reaching your weight loss goals.
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Here are our top 5 tips on how you can still enjoy a birthday party or special celebration without ruining your healthy eating and weight loss achievements. You can still have fun, enjoy treat foods and enjoy time with friends and family without feeling like you’re missing out.

1) Have A Plan

From the moment the invitation to a party, BBQ or birthday celebration arrives, you probably already know what the event will entail.
Have a plan about how you’re going to cope with being offered possibly unhealthy food options and drinks and stick to it.
Knowing what to expect will ensure you can have some healthy eating tips up your sleeve and you won’t get caught off guard.

2) Offer To Help

Offering to bring a plate or make something special for a birthday party will not only be welcome by your host but will also ensure you get to prepare some healthy food options you know you can enjoy in case there are only sugary cakes, lollies and pastries on offer.
Make a selection of homemade dips with some veggie sticks and rice crackers or try some of the healthy sweet snack options from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge or Lose Baby Weight recipe menus and get the guests to try something they may not have tried before.

3) Think Before You Drink

It’s ok to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two at a special party or event but think about what you’re drinking before you start.
Ensure you’re well hydrated with lots of water before you have a glass of wine or mixed alcoholic drink and have a glass in between every alcoholic drink to continue with the hydration.
Eat before or while you’re drinking alcohol so it doesn’t go straight to your head.
Choose drinks with soda water and freshly squeezed lemon or lime rather than soft drinks as mixers or have a white wine spritzer.
If you don’t drink alcohol then also be mindful of other party drinks such as soft drinks and juices. Try and stick with water as much as possible or have sparkling mineral water with some juice if you’d like a little flavour.

4) Get Moving

Be the life of the party and get everyone up on the dance floor or get the kids and adults together for a game of cricket or football at a BBQ.
You don’t just have to stand around eating, drinking and chatting at parties – think of ways you can get everyone moving and have some fun being active.
You’ll burn some calories and everyone will have fun without even thinking they’re doing themselves good.

5) Don’t Overthink Things

Yes it’s good to be planned, prepared with some healthy food and drink options and add in some activities at parties but don’t overthink things too much.
Parties and get togethers are about enjoying life, spending fun times with family and friends and you are allowed to let your hair down sometimes.
Being stressed about going to parties because you think you’ll fall off your weight loss wagon isn’t a good way to be.
You can still go to a party have a few foods you don’t eat all the time, have a couple of drinks and relax for a few hours.
Healthy weight loss and maintenance is all about balance. If you eat well and fit in exercise most of the time then having some time out and having the occasional treat isn’t going to ruin anything. It’s more likely to keep you on track with your healthy eating plans as you aren’t being so strict with yourself that can lead to cravings and binge eating.
Life is for living and enjoying. Have fun at birthday parties, knowing that your healthy eating and exercise are now part of your everyday life so a piece of cake isn’t going to ruin that.
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