Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy are celebrating their 5th birthday this October and as part of the celebrations we’re sharing loads of helpful information around the number 5.
Information that will help you with your healthy eating plans and exercise routines to ensure the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges are a real success towards reaching your weight loss goals.
Here are our top 5 favourite lunch box snack recipes from the 28 Day Challenge Recipe Hub that you can make in advance and have ready to go when you are packing lunches for the kids or grabbing something for yourself.
Make in larger batches and store in the fridge, pantry or freeze to always have a healthy snack option on hand:

1) Strawberry Nut Balls

healthy eating meal plansA perfect bliss ball. Make extras and store in the freezer to defrost as needed or enjoy as a chilled snack when the weather is warm

2) Crackers with Chocolate Spread & Banana

healthy eating recipesSeems oh so naughty but it’s not. So easy to make and quickly serve up this energy loaded snack. Add banana slices, some of the homemade chocolate spread and crackers into different compartments of your lunch box to assemble when on the go.

3) Blueberry & Cream Cheese Muffins

healthy eating recipesOne of the most popular snack recipes from the 28 Day Challenges. Make a large batch of these as the whole family are sure to want to try them!

4) Homemade Beetroot Dip with Veggie Sticks

best ways to lose weightSavoury snacks are just as delicious as sweet ones and this easy to prepare dip provides loads of nutrients from all the veggies used.
Add some dip into your lunch box with some veggie sticks on the side to use for dipping.

5) Popcorn Trail Mix

healthy eating snacksPopcorn is great as a lunchbox snack and this recipe is even better as it combines popcorn with the goodness of nuts and dried fruits to create a trail mix. Mix and match combinations to suit your needs and dietary requirements e.g. you could replace the nuts with seeds or use different types of dried fruit.
This is just a small sample of the wide range of healthy snack recipes available in the 28 Day Challenge Recipe Hub. Have a look through the hub to see what you can try to jazz up your family lunch boxes and keep everyone on a healthy eating meal plan.
healthy eating meal plans