Hannah Wells has lost an amazing 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for December!

Hi everyone, my name’s Hannah and although I’m nervous, I’m incredibly excited to be a Motivating Mum for December (the hardest month of the year for weight loss – tough gig, but I’m up for it if you are).
I am 34 and a stay/work at home mum of two crazy, loveable kids (4.5years & 18mths). My husband (a chef) and I own a Restaurant and catering company in Brisbane’s CBD which keeps us (him) extra busy.
I found the Lose Baby Weight Page by chance scrolling through facebook earlier this year, thinking not much more of it…UNTIL I saw THAT photo – a photo of me at my son’s 1st birthday. You could have thought I was 8 months pregnant – but I wasn’t. So when I saw the ad for the  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I thought I’d give it a go in hopes it would kick start my weight loss spiral. I did everything recommended to help me get started – I calculated my Daily Calorie Intake (something I’d never done before), restocked my pantry and fridge with good foods (I thought I had good foods), cooked the recipes outlined for the week and did the planned exercise circuits (I hadn’t exercised in ages).
I had no gym membership (still don’t), no home equipment (still don’t), had no Healthy Mummy Smoothies and on the challenge alone, lost 4kg that month. From that first push/jump, I decided to start walking again, a favourite activity from my pre-hubby days as I’m left alone with my thoughts, no music (heaven now I’m a mum). I took my toddler in his pram while my husband dropped our daughter off at kindy (that’s planning ladies). I made meal plans from the website recipes and the free challenge ebooks (in the non challenge months) and found favorites like the Crunchy Breakfast trifle (which is now a staple in my pantry) and surprisingly, the Lentil burgers which I turn into ‘meat’balls for the kids and serve it with spaghetti (winning!).
The challenges just keep getting better and better, changing to suit the needs of the mums using them. How they can improve on a creating a customisable meal planner (swapping around meals, increasing recipe serves) that also creates a shopping list for you baffles me, but you watch, they will.
I had great goals to reach my pre-pregnancy weight of 68kg during the November challenge, but have plateaued hovering between 71-72kg (a 10-11kg loss since starting). I am now having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie a day (my favorite -Berry Burst made with light coconut milk or Banana Oat Buster) to jolt my weight loss again and will be implementing some new things in December to see how I go. I still have 15kg to go until I reach my goal weight.
This weight loss thing is really hard work, mentally and physically, and for me, it’s in the planning ahead and including food prep and exercise on my ‘To Do’ list. I do the home exercises while my kids nap or eat lunch, but when they join in (and it’s a laugh when they do), my 4yo practices her number writing when I have to count reps and sometimes I’ll get a train massage from my toddler while I plank (win-win).
What helped me the most though, is sharing my journey with everyone on the private Facebook Support Group. To know I’m not alone in trying to regain the me I once was. It’s not just about sharing photos of your dinner, these mums are going through the same physical and mental hurdles and it’s perfectly fine and encouraged to share this. It took me a while to share my progress photos but with all the positive comments I received it really spurred me on and even helped me make the decision to apply to be a Motivating Mum.
So now that I am a Motivating Mum,  I’m going to be totally accountable for this crazy tempting season of deliciousness, and with the new Christmas eBook out, it’s not going to be nearly as hard as we think. I can’t wait to try out the recipes on friends and family and sharing my journey this month with you all.
We are going to reach our goals for 2014 and if we don’t … we will in 2015.
Hannah xx
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