Hello you incredible ladies,
We are halfway through the current 28 Day Challenge and  I am absolutely LOVING this challenge. My weightloss to date is 16kg.
Lose Baby Weight-16kg Loss
I did say in my last blog I was going to return to having a delicious Healthy Mummy Smoothie for my lunch every day; but I have to say I didn’t want to give up those amazing sounding meals from the 28 day challenge and most of them (it’s only been 2 weeks) are now selected as my ‘favourites’ on the customizer.
I am however still having my Sunday Morning Smoothie and also the best smoothie of my week – the “crazy afternoon of errands” snack smoothie, once a week too (sometimes more than once if you know what I mean).
So how do I make a Belly Busting Snack Smoothie so I don’t blowout all my calories for the day … I use 100ml of skim (or almond/coconut) milk and 150ml water, add in 1/2 a frozen banana and lots of ice, 2 walnuts, dash of honey, 1/4 of a pear and (any flavour here ladies) a half serve of Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix. This is about 170cal.
I also said I would increase my cardio which I have by walking to pickup my daughter from school 2 days a week (this involves pushing both her, her bag and her little brother of the same weight up and down 2 steep hills in the pram) in addition to my WEDNESDAY WALK DAY and on challenge Pilates days, I do both the 15minute cardio workouts (Low Impact and Toning) off the Lose Baby Weight Exercise DVD.
The addition of the core workout on the HIIT challenge days is really reminding me of my posture throughout the day.
Lose Baby Weight-16kg Loss
I have found myself engaging my core, lengthening my posture and pulling up my pelvic floor at every opportunity.
It goes to show, LBW rubs off on you, it’s health education that turns into habit that just becomes life. If you haven’t signed up for a challenge, I highly recommend you do. Even if your budget can only stretch to 1 month, do it for the education, you won’t be sorry.
 On a not entirely unrelated note: Both my children are having their birthday parties in late May (they are 12 days apart) and I’m not at all concerned about the food I will serve and the cakes I will make.
I’ve never liked serving kids junk foods like lollies, sugary snacks and potato chips anyway but there are some terrific ideas for party food in the Healthy Kids ecookbook and Healthy Snacks recipe ebook and I will be attempting to make the Chocolate Layer cake from the Guilt Free Chocolate Treats and Baking Cookbook into a racetrack (wish me luck).
I will of course post pictures and ideas onto the Lose Baby Weight Support Group Facebook Page as the dates draw closer.
Hannah x
And you can join the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge here
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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