With only a couple of days to go before Halloween, it’s time to get that adorable costume for your baby!
Most times it’s tough to get ideas on how to dress your baby for Halloween and you might be asking yourself, “Should I go with the classic pumpkin or animal costume? Or should I be go the extra mile and get my baby a Toy Story or Batman costume?”
We know that you already very busy with your new responsibility as a mum and trying to lose baby weight, at the same time. So, to help you ease your costume picking process, here are a few ideas that you can use to create or buy that delightful costume for your bub!


Since your baby is the centre of your world, why not dress him up as the ‘King’? Photo via The Huffington Post.

A good idea is to go with animal costumes. They’re guaranteed to make your baby look cute! Photo via The Huffington Post.

If all else fails, go for the superhero costume to get your baby ready for Halloween, in a flash! Photo by midiman/Flickr.

If you like video games, dress your baby up as Super Mario or Luigi! Photo by Erica Krystek/People.com.

An amazing homemade Wall-E costume for your baby! Photo via The Huffington Post.

Popular cartoon characters are always one of the best choices for a cute Halloween costumes. Photo via The Huffington Post.

Pumpkins never run out of style for Halloween. Photo by slapshot-26/The Huffington Post.

Nurture your baby into a successful businessman by dressing him up as Donald Trump. Photo via The Huffington Post.

Again, the classic animal costume will never fail you and it’ll make your newborn look incredibly cute! Photo by KellyParks Miller/The Huffington Post.

Another classic Halloween costume, the duck! Photo by fdxdisco/The Huffington Post.

Hipster babies get all the attention these day! Photo by sarahboyd/The Huffington Post.
Now that you’ve got great ideas to dress up your baby for Halloween, remember to take pictures of your adorable beloved one and share it with all of us at Lose Baby Weight!
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