Hi ladies!
Firstly THANK YOU so much for being a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member. We value each and every one of you so much and we thank you for you choosing to use our plans and we hope you find them value for money and really useful.
Secondly, as we hope you know, we LOVE customer feedback
We constantly listen to what you have to say and although we can’t please every single person (we wish we could!), we really do try and do what we can to make most people happy and where possible make changes when people ask for them.
Customer feedback is the most important thing to us and we really value it and we constantly evolve what we do based on this so please keep giving us feedback all of the time.
We have invested an ENORMOUS amount into our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and our goal is to constantly make it an even bigger and better product as each month goes on.
User experience is so important to us and knowing what you like and what you don’t like will help our team ensure we are tailoring the Challenge and the future content and tools to what you want to see most.
By filling out the survey below, not only will you have the chance to WIN A FITBIT but you will also be giving us valuable information to ensure we are hearing what you want for the future
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