Throughout my week I go to a lot of Mother’s Groups and aside from everyone wanting to know how they can lose their pregnancy weight, a big point of discussion is always about how to get your newborn to sleep through the night.  My seven month old still wakes up once a night for a feed – but I am very happy that it isn’t the 4-5 times that it used to be up until 2 months ago!
Having your baby sleep better is also good for you as you will get more sleep and be more able to stick to a healthy eating plan and it is for this reason that we have enlisted the expertise of Renee from The Content Baby to do a Q&A with us on the most commonly asked questions in Mothers Groups.

Click on the Q&A that best applies to you and hopefully your baby will be sleeping better tonight 🙂
  1. How soon should I put my baby into a routine?
  2. Should I use control crying to get my baby / child to sleep?
  3. My newborn baby seems to cry a lot.  Why could this be?
  4. How can I help my baby naturally while they are teething?
  5. My toddler snatches toys off other children and says “mine”.  How can I stop this negative behaviour?
  6. How do I ‘play’ with my baby under 12 months?

And please contact Renee for a one on one consultation  – she is fantastic and does phone and email consultation as well as face to face.
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