lose_baby_weightOne of the biggest feedbacks we get is that the stories and pictures other mums (you can see them here) on the Lose Baby Weight plans share on our website and Facebook page are a HUGE motivator to help all the other mums trying to lose weight.
And we really appreciate the mums who send in their story – as just by doing that they are making a difference to thousands of other mums out there.
So to help even more mums and provide more inspiration and motivation we are calling out for your story from mums who are on or have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans!
We would LOVE you to send your story in (doesn’t have to be long – just a couple of paragraphs) plus a photo and if we publish your story we will send you a voucher to go shopping.

How much will the voucher be for?

If you send in a before AND after shot with your Lose Baby Weight weight loss story then we will send you a $100 Myer voucher. Everyone loves a before and after shot to see how far you have come – even if you are not at your goal weight yet!
If you send in your story with a current photo but don’t have a before shot you want to use and we publish your story we will send you a $50 Myer voucher
So please send in your success stories from being on the Lose Baby Weight plans and we look forward to publishing lots more inspirational stories!! Email us today on [email protected]

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