Are you looking forward to The Healthy Mummy September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and want to start getting organised so you can make the most of the four weeks of delicious, healthy eating plans and exercise?
Well here is the Pantry Preparation Shopping List for the Challenge that we’ve put together so you can start your shopping now and stock up on items you may not already have, to avoid a huge increase in your grocery bill all in one go.
We’ve also put together a Pantry Prep List Excluding Breakfast Recipes so if you prefer to have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie every morning for breakfast, then follow this list to get organised for the challenge as it doesn’t include any pantry items from any of the breakfast recipes from the September Challenge. As outlined on this list you will need to add any ingredients for your Smoothies though as these are obviously personal choices.
And meals on the 28 Day Challenge serve 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch and 2 for dinner.
This list has items that are used throughout the four weeks of the September Challenge that can be stored in your pantry and used when the Challenge begins.
So, have a look through the lists, choose the items you don’t already have and start adding a few to each of your usual shopping lists in the lead up to September 1. Then when you receive the Meal Plans and Shopping Lists for each week of the Challenge, you will only need to purchase the fresh fruit, vegetables, meats etc.
In some instances you can use alternatives for items. For example there are a few different types of oils listed. If you don’t want to purchase them all, then just use the one you prefer to cook with most and when another variety of oil appears in a recipe, substitute it with what you have. The same for vinegars, sauces, flours, sugars etc.
On each of the Weekly Shopping Lists we’ve highlighted items that are on these Pantry Prep Lists so you won’t double up when doing your fresh food shopping.
Now’s the time to get organised and ready for a fantastic four weeks of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.
If you haven’t looked at it already, view our Time and Money Saving Tips when doing the September Challenge, so you’re ready and raring to go come September 1.
Click here to download the Pantry Preparation Shopping Listor here to download the Pantry Prep List Excluding Breakfast Recipes – we hope you find them useful!