We can often forget that we live in a “bike friendly” nation  We have bike lanes all over, and people are generally respectful to push bike commuters.  We love mother earth and are supportive of people who do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint.  We even host global biking competitions with Aussies taking formidable spots and top ranks.  If Australia is bike friendly, then why not include bike riding as part of our weight loss plans?
The bicycle is considered as the most efficient machine for various reasons.  It is quick, portable and easy to maneuver.  What’s more important is that your bike is a health, fitness, and transport machine all rolled into one. 
If you are looking to lose weight quickly, you need to squeeze in as much physical activity into your day as possible.  If you plan nearby trips, then consider riding a bike instead.  Riding bikes will get you through your chores while exercising at the same time.  By multi tasking, you are able to save that valuable time you need as a busy new mum.
Here are some guidelines to consider if you are looking to include bike rides in your weight loss programs:
1)       Get your GP’s clearance – Getting active and losing weight is a lot of fun, but we all agree to put our health and wellbeing as the first priority.  So check with your GP and find out the best time for you to start riding bikes.  You can also find out when you can start installing those special bicycle seats that allow you to take your bub for a ride to the park.  Getting your doctor’s clearance not only gives you the right information, it also gives you peace of mind when you do your exercises.
2)       Find the right bike – Finding the right bike could be a chore as there can be so many options to choose from.  You would need to decide about the type, the gears, the brand etc.  Our advice is for you to keep it simple.  When you go to a bike store, ask for a “fixie” bike, a one geared bike built to keep things basic and get you from point A to B.  This bike takes away all the hassles of shifting gears & gear maintenance, making it simple and efficient for you to use.   This is also considered as one of the most affordable bikes around, with prices starting as low as $100.
3)       Have a ready helmet – Helmets are also readily available at your local stores.  Make sure that your helmet is specially built for biking and has a strap that comfortably fits your lower jaw area.  A good helmet provides basic protection to your head, which is a basic requirement in protecting yourself during bike rides.
4)       Check your state laws on push bike riding – Sticking to bike lanes, wearing helmets, and dismounting on pedestrian areas are some of the things you will need to know when riding bikes on roads.  Our advice is that you have a thorough read on your state laws and be aware of what you can and cannot do when riding.  Remember that laws are there to protect you and being aware of them would help you get out of trouble.
Riding bikes is fun to do especially if you have incorporated it in your routine.  Replace some of your regular commutes with bike rides.  Get creative and incorporate bike rides in your Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan.
Get a bike seat with your bub when she/he is ready and stroll along the park together.  Join an exercise group in your area and invite friends to ride with you.  There are so many possibilities that you can combine on your journey towards losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle and if getting out and riding is too hard think about getting an indoor stationary bike that you can ride when your baby is asleep.