Lose Weight Quickly With Ultimate
Did you know a lack of motivation is one of the biggest reasons people give up on their fitness?
Let’s face it, even though we all love the idea of fitting into a pre-baby outfit, it’s hard to get really excited about our weight loss plans. It’s even harder to keep interested when your exercise routine becomes, well, routine.
And who really wants to slog through the same old exercise routine day after day? Not us!
We think being active should be fun and, ideally, you should do it with a group of like-minded people who will motivate you and keep you going. No we aren’t talking about a group jog around the park, we said fun remember?
If you want to add something fun and new to your weight loss programs how about a friendly game of ‘Ultimate’?
Ultimate is based on the original game of Frisbee. It’s an easy to learn and it’s an exciting team sport you can play with your friends or local exercise group. It’s quickly becoming a global craze so famous that even Hollywood celebrities like Rachel McAdams, the star of Sherlock Holmes, says “It’s better than going to the gym.”
It’s easy and simple and mixes the best parts of football and netball. What’s best for us new mums is that Ultimate is a non-contact sport which makes it safe for everyone to play.
And while exercise shouldn’t replace a lose weight diet, a fun, fast paced game of Ultimate certainly compliments your efforts to lose weight quickly and safely after your pregnancy.
How to Play ‘Ultimate’
2 Teams consisting of 7 players (but you can play with less) compete on a playing field about the same length as a football field.  At the end of each playing field is an end zone.  A score is made if one of the players catches the disc in an end zone.  One team plays offense as they throw and catch the disc to get to their teams end zone.  The other team plays defense and attempts to steal the disc as it is thrown from a competing participant to another.  If the other team successfully steals the disc, or if an offensive team’s throw is not caught by a player of the same team, then their team will now play offense and other team will play defense and try to score in the opposite end zone.
As soon as you catch a disc, you should stop as soon as possible.  You are not allowed to run while holding a disc.  Once you stop, you must keep one foot still, but you are allowed to move the other foot.  You have 10 seconds to throw the disc from the point of catching it.  A defender can stand in front of you but is not allowed to have any form of contact.  A defender trying to steal the disc is allowed to count aloud to ten in one second intervals.  If the disc is still in your hand at the “t” of “ten”, the other team automatically gets possession of the disc.
What You Need To Play
You don’t need any special gear to play Ultimate other than your usual sporting attire and a light throwing disc which is usually provided if you join a group.  The official Ultimate disc is a straight disc weighing 175 grams.  It should fly perfectly flat throughout a trajectory.  These discs can be purchased at your local store for less than $10.
Forming a Team or Joining a Group
Ultimate is ideally played by teams of 7.  But improvisations with a team of 3 vs. 3, or 2 vs. 2 are also casually played by friends.  You can also do a quick search on the internet and find various Ultimate groups across Australia that bring you new friends and help you get started.
Ultimate looks simple and easy, but played with the right intensity (and with a supportive team) it can be an intense workout to help you lose weight quickly.  Use our exercise group directory to find new mums to join as team members and create lifelong friends. And to keep your weight loss and fitness goals on track, don’t forget you can include these games as one of your weight loss programs and track your progress in your Lose Baby Weight Plan. We encourage you to plan the best, most engaging fitness plan that excites you and fits into your life so you can be on your way to hitting your ideal weight and living a healthier lifestyle… for you and your bub.
And see our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan for more daily advice and exercise examples