With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday it’s often one of those family celebrations that provides an easy excuse to make unhealthy food choices. We want to spoil the Dads in our lives to thank them for the support and love they give us but you can still spoil Dad without loading him and the rest of the family up with poor meal choices.
healthy eating recipes
Think of many Dads’ favourite foods – often things like burgers, pies, schnitzels and curries (usually the menu at the local pub will list off your Dad’s or partner’s favourite meals!). All these things can easily be made at home in a healthy way so that no one misses out.
Organise to make your Dad or your partner a special meal at home this Father’s Day rather than joining the crowds at local restaurants and pubs. Sharing a meal at home will make the day really special and give the Dad in your life time to spend with the family.
Here are our top Father’s Day meal ideas from the 28 Day Challenge to ensure you can keep on track with your healthy eating goals and still serve up tasty meals to spoil everyone:

1) Best Breakfast In Bed Options

Get the kids to help out in the kitchen making these delicious morning meals for Dad, loaded with healthy ingredients but also some of Dad’s favourites like bacon and chorizo. Choosing lean meats for breakfast and pairing them with the goodness of eggs will give the whole family a healthy start to the day:

  1. The Breakfast Grill
  2. Turmeric Egg & Bacon Wrap
  3. Beans & Cheese Quesadilla
  4. Chorizo & Egg Scramble

healthy eating recipes

2) Perfect Main Meal Choices

The 28 Day Challenge recipe hub is loaded with husband/dad/partner friendly food choices. Make this Father’s Day really special by creating something at home to show Dad that you really care and that his sometimes unhealthy food favourites can actually be made in a healthy way.
Choose from options like this for a delicious Father’s Day lunch or dinner:

  1. Beef Burgers
  2. Mini Meat Pies
  3. Steak Sandwich with the Works
  4. Mexican Baked Potato

healthy eating meal plans

3) Ideal Ways To Treat Dad & Keep Him Healthy (without him knowing!)

If the Dad in your life has a sweet tooth then don’t worry about having to give him a box of chocolates for his gift this Father’s Day. Make a batch of these delicious and healthier than the usual treats or a decadent dessert and you’ll win over any Dad!

  1. Almond & Cacao Fudge
  2. Coco Choc “Ice Cream”
  3. Raspberry Muffins
  4. Ginger & Lemon Cheesecake

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Of course every Dad has different tastes, yours may be vegetarian, love seafood, need to eat a gluten free diet etc but with the huge choice of recipes in the Challenge Hub you’re sure to be able to find a selection of meals to create this Sunday so everyone has a healthy and happy Father’s Day.
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