My husband and I enjoyed a long honeymoon period. Too much unhealthy food, dining out, wine- all the good things in life for nearly 12 months. Unfortunately this meant that when I found out I was pregnant just before our 1st wedding anniversary, I weighed 8kg more than on our wedding day, quite a few kg above normal.
Having been healthy and fit most of my life, I was very good with exercise in the first 18 or so weeks. But as netball and touch footy became out of the question and wet season weather started, my motivation to exercise faultered.
I piled on a huge amount of weight, by 35 weeks I had reached 85 kg (20kg of pregnancy weight) and decided to stop weighing myself. By the time I ventured to the scales again at 2 weeks post baby, I was back to 75kg (I had lots of fluid retention during pregnancy) 10kg above pre-pregnancy weight. However this was still 18kg more than a happy weight, so I had a bit of work to do! A few further kg came off over the next 3 weeks easily, to be 71kg at 5 weeks after baby.
I started exercising, but despite being a physio myself, who should know what not to do, I went (running) too hard, too soon. I ended up with nasty back and pubic pain, so within 2 weeks I had to stop. I tried to eat healthily, but didn’t really make myself accountable for it, so at 4 months post baby, I had only lost a further 3kg and still had 3kg of baby weight to lose, along with the 8kg of honeymoon weight.
At this time I started on the 28 day plan, which was the eye opener I needed. It made me realise I had been snacking too much and that I could in fact exercise with no pain if I was sensible about it! It hasn’t felt like a diet at all and the weight has still come off even with the odd guilty pleasure.
I also use the healthy mummy smoothies in conjunction with the recipes on both the 28 day plan and on the website are very easy to follow and satisfying. I still have bad days where icecream wins, when my husband cooks a big steak and chips or takes me out to dinner, but overall it has been so easy.
I have now lost 8.5kg and am feeling fantastic. I now fit into most of my old clothes, which had been hidden in the wardrobe so I didn’t feel depressed about not fitting them. I have 2.5kg to go and I should fit back into my favourite skinny jeans. My hubby has also lost 2-3kg, which is a nice bonus.
I can also report now being able to run and play sport with no pelvis or back pain, which I credit to the focus on easy, achievable exercises on the 28 day plan, especially the strengthening ones around the pelvis. As a Physio I was impressed to see that the exercises on the plan, as well as on the website, are sensible and great for working on common problems I used to see in new mums- around the pelvis, abdominals, back and pelvic floor.
Thank you Lose Baby Weight Team, I am one very happy customer who has and will continue to spread the word about your website!
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding and can help support your milk supply

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