Weight gain can be attributed to several contributing factors. The most common and obvious reason is over indulgence in unhealthy foods with low nutritional value such as sweets, chips, pan pizzas, heavy-creamed desserts, sugary baked goods and carbonated drinks. Another factor is the lack of physical activity.
Everything that we put into our mouth contains certain amount of calories which would then be converted into energy, otherwise it will be stored as fat. Then there is of course the pregnancy weight we gain which most of us do struggle to lose too.
There are many people who are having difficulty in losing weight even if they have tried different kinds of weight loss diet and fitness regimes. This can really be frustrating, when this happens there are other factors that you might want to look at, this could also be the reason why you are struggling

Genetics & Our Weight

Though, it is a proven fact that genes do play an important role in our weight, researchers would often link the interaction between genetic makeup and environment to possible weight gain. They say that genes do not directly cause obesity, but instead being exposed to an environment that supports eating too much calories and does not encourage physical activities can hinder weight loss.
Recent studies also show that there were just few rare cases wherein a single gene mutation would result to a severe morbid obesity because there are hundreds of genes that would make a person predisposed to being overweight.Your genes might also give you low energy levels and make you dislike exercise. There are also some people whose bodies store fat easily and struggle to lose weight than others.
At present, it is widely recognized that genes influence weight-related behaviors like eating habits, food preferences, and physical activities. It could determine susceptibility to weight gain but they should not be held responsible for our own destiny.
There is no way to control our genes, but we can definitely do something about our health and whether we eat healthy foods. We can control what we eat and the kind of healthy life we lead. Most often than not it is not about genetics, but a lack of exercise, poor diet and unhealthy choices which is responsible for making us overweight.
Patience is a virtue, it may take us awhile to lose weight than others do, but with perseverance nothing is impossible. Let’s change our mindset that we should forget about dieting and exercise since we are dealing with a battle that we cannot win, and just put the blame onto genes.It doesn’t work that way, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight that is why you should really put your heart, mind, and body to it. Doing it drastically might give you fast results, but it will only be temporary and will likely cause more trouble than good because it may lead to several health conditions. And when you are losing baby weight you should not put any pressure on yourself to do it before you are ready or to follow drastic weight loss diets – healthy and sensible healthy eating is always best

You don’t have to starve yourself to death to achieve weight loss. A well-balanced diet and a regular exercise should do the trick. You must burn what you eat so that it will not be stored as fat. Even if you are eating healthy foods it would not save you from being overweight if you don’t burn them. It is true that most people who go on a diet won’t stick with them for a very long time, especially diets that restrict too much food. You don’t really need to deprive yourself from anything, but having smart healthy food choices would bring out the best results.
And it is not only about quality, you must also check on the quantity of the food that you are about to take. Always practice portion control everywhere you go, eating too much of anything even the good ones would give you a diet high in calories. Stay away from fast foods and do not go for upsize meals or drinks, by doing so again, would result to weight gain. When dining out, look for restaurants that serve healthy foods like salads, fish or seafood, lean meat or poultry and which are prepared or cooked with less fat.
Self-disciple and having a sense of self-worth are the traits of people who often achieve their weight loss goals. Without these one can go back to their old bad habits and would give result to weight fluctuations. Now is the time to stop making excuses and putting the blame to genes, personal choices can still control its effects to our body. Pick a nutritional and fitness plan that is well suited to your body’s needs. If you chose something you really believe in, chances are you will stick with it for life and our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan is a great one to start on and is not hard to fit into your life if you do want to start losing weight