How many times have you or someone you know declared they are on a diet plan or weight loss plan and they are going to lose 10 kilos? A lot I am sure.
And this is because the idea of losing the belly fat and pregnancy weight appeals to everyone, but after the first couple of weeks, the drive and motivation so many people had dries up, they get despondent and then give up.

This isn’t helped by so much of the advertising we are surrounded by – by companies who will remain nameless – who promise you will lose 4 kilos in 1 week.  So when a person starts their pregnancy weight loss campaign they give up if they haven’t achieved these heady weight loss heights in the first 2-3 weeks – which is crazy!
The fact is that any sensible nutritionist or Doctor will tell you that healthy, safe and permanent weight loss takes time.
The overnight success stories that are claimed through so many companies are often a fluke or fabrication and require extremely low calorie diets as well as pumping your body full of unnatural ingredients that in the short term – i.e. 1-2 weeks – can make you drop a lot of fluid which makes you feel like you have lost weight.
This isn’t losing fat and it is why the weight goes back on very quickly.  Also – any diet or weight loss plan that says you can lose a lot of weight quickly should be avoided as weight loss of more than 1.5– 2kg per week means that all of the toxins that were stored in your fat are released too quickly and can make you feel very sick – which will also get passed through to your baby through your milk if you are still breastfeeding.
Lose Baby Weight aims for 1 kg per week but everyone and every body is different and some will achieve more and some less – the key is to do it steadily and safely and without having to resort to drastic measures.
So be realistic in your weight loss goals and keep the focus on taking healthy supplements and taking in the right nutrition to help you along your way.  And remember the best results come from a holistic program that works in tandem with your body not against it.
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