lose_baby_weightHi Lose Baby Weight, my name is Renee Sinclair and I am the mum of a very active 2 and a half year old girl, Lola and a 6 week old boy, Alex.
When I fell pregnant with our daughter I was a small 49kgs & to be honest I had no idea just what type of weight gain to expect.. By the end of my first pregnancy I was 90kgs – I had gained 40kgs in pregnancy weight – I was devastated!
But with the new, busy & unpredictable role of being stay-at-home-mum I found it incredibly difficult to prioritize myself and my weight. I did manage to get down to 63kgs before I fell pregnant with our son.
This the cycle begins again! I was around 70kgs after giving birth. With the help of the Lose Baby Weight plans I lost 3 kgs in the first two week without even trying! The best part though is I have so much energy and when my body is working at its peak my mind and emotions are also at their happiest!! So thank you!!!
I have so many smoothie recipes already but here is one I made today..

Fruit Burst Smoothie
  • Two tablespoons of strawberry Healthy Mummy Smoothie Mix
  • Half an apple
  • 3/4 of a cup of rockmelon
  • 1 medium size banana
  • 200mls of apple juice and water.

It’s roughly 300 calories of healthy yummy fruity goodness!!
Another favourite is my breakfast smoothie which is:

Honey Banana Smoothie
  • 2 tbsp Vanilla Healthy Mummy Smoothie Mix
  • 1 weetbix biscuit
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp LSA
  • Touch of honey

Such a great start to the day!!!
Thanks again!! I’m loving life more than ever, I feel supported, positive and full of energy (and I’m up 3-4 times some nights!! Hehe).
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding and can help support your milk supply.

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