By Natalie Cocks and Melinda Murnane
We went to school together 10+ years ago and both had our third babies (boys) within a week of each other in September 2012.
Both of us struggled to lose our pregnancy weight we had gained amidst the business of caring for our young children.  Together we decided to give the Lose Baby Weight plans and the 28 day diet & exercise plan a go!!


Nat’s story:

During the pregnancy of my third child I gained 25kg.  I lost the initial 10kg through his birth, fluid etc but 7wks after his birth I found that the weight wasn’t budging at all, I still had at least 15kg I wanted to lose (plus ideally another 5kg to get close to pre-children weight). 
After chatting to Mel about how discouraged I was with my weight I decided to start the ‘28-day breastfeeding friendly lose baby weight diet’ and check-in with her every week.  I am not much of a diet person but I have not looked back! 
Having a friend to support and encourage me every week was invaluable!  Every Monday morning we weighed in – this kept me accountable and spurred me on for the next week.
I used the healthy mummy smoothie mix a few times a week for those busy days when I didn’t have a chance to prepare lunch.  I also used the fish oil capsules.  The thing I loved most about the diet was the wide selection of healthy snack options that was provided. 
Breastfeeding I found I was always hungry and wanting to snack so having a range of healthy tasty alternatives was wonderful.
After 28 days I had lost a total of 7.5kgs – halfway to the goal I had set myself!  After being on the diet for 12 weeks (with a few Christmas treats) I lost my goal weight of 15kg!!  And a few weeks later I can proudly say I have lost a total of 16.6kg!  

I have so much more energy and feel great being back in my healthy weight range!
We both recommend the 28 Day Lose Baby Weight Plan – it is so affordable and easy to follow, suiting a busy mum’s schedule!  We are now both armed with so much knowledge about good food choices that maintaining our healthy weight should be a breeze!
Thank you so much Lose Baby Weight team – you have helped us transform our lives.  And we want to encourage any other mums struggling with their weight to find a good friend to keep you accountable and give it a go!

Mel’s story:

On the 10th September 2012 I had a pregnancy weight gain of 22kg and gave birth to my third child, another beautiful son.  As I was breastfeeding and also running after a 4 yr old and 2 yr old, 11kg’s literally fell off in the first 6 weeks. However, that was it! 
After that point not an ounce was budging and Nat (who was also in the same position) and I decided to give the Lose Baby Weight Diet a go.
We both started the plan within days of each other and made it a weekly ritual to ‘check-in’ with each other once a week to show off our results and spur each other on for the week to come. It worked beautifully, the motivation and drive from seeing someone else being successful is a very powerful thing.
I might note though, that I personally didn’t use any of the smoothie mixes.  I simply stuck to eating the food choices outlined in the plan during the day and then ate portioned servings of our normal family nightly meals of protein and veg.
By the time my bub was a mere 3 months old, I was back to my pre pregnancy weight, wearing all my size 10 clothes and feeling fantastic. I had dropped the remaining 11kg’s over a period of 7 weeks!
I am forever telling friends and family about the 28 Day Lose Baby Weight Plan!
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine and you can get a 10% discount by using code LOYALTY at the checkout.

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