healthy_eatingIf you thought that a healthy eating plan meant you wouldn’t be able to eat foods you love any more, you will be pleased to know that this is not our philosophy at Lose Baby Weight.
As part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, we do encourage you to cut out processed or unhealthy foods, but we definitely don’t want you to cut out whole food groups or food types.

When you think of a healthy breakfast, bacon might be something that you thought would be off limits. But actually if you choose good quality lean bacon and cook it without extra fats it can be a tasty addition to your meal.
Try one of our favourite bacon lovers breakfasts below.
Just search for the recipe name within the Challenge Hub.
Turmeric Egg and Bacon Wrap (pictured right)
healthy_eatingTurmeric and fresh parsley give this wrap a lot of flavour, and the rocket adds a peppery kick. Using Mountain Bread is a great option for the healthy wrap.
Turkey, Bacon and Mushroom Omelette
The bacon adds lots of flavour to this healthy omelette. The cheese and fresh chives bring it all together with a lovely oozy texture.
Simple Zucchini and Bacon Slice
When you’ve got to get up and go, this slice is a great option as it travels well. It’s also a delicious inclusion for a child’s lunchbox.
Maple Syrup and Bacon Crumpet (pictured at top of page)
The sweet and salty combo makes this feel like an indulgent café style breakfast. This recipe will be popular with the whole family so be sure to make a big batch.
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