Winter is commonly thought of as the most likely time of year to pick up a lurgy, which is why it’s often referred to as the cold and flu season.
If you’ve been travelling along well with your weight loss and exercise plan, being derailed by a bug can be frustrating. It’s important though to let your body have time to fight off the invaders and return to tip top shape.   Flu fighting foods
This isn’t always easy though, especially when there’s kids (and husbands, cats, dogs…) to look after. What you eat while sick is one of the best tools you’ve got to off a cold or the flu.
Using food as medicine isn’t a new concept, on the contrary, traditional civilisations have used foods with antibacterial and health giving qualities for centuries.
When it comes to viruses (like colds and flu), antibiotics are ineffective, and while other medications, like paracetamol, are good for easing symptoms, they can’t actually ‘cure’ the virus itself.  Read more about the truth behind colds and the flu here.
Try incorporating these natural flu fighters into your diet when you’re feeling less than peachy. And remember to drink up. Staying hydrated is doubly as important when you’re fighting off infection.

Top cold and flu fighters

  • Apples – Full of vitamin C, antioxidants and soluble and insoluble fibre, the old adage ‘an apple a day’ has a lot of truth to it!
  • Garlic – While useful for warding off vampires, this fragrant bulb is also a fabulous flu fighter as it helps stimulate the body’s natural defences to kick start the immune system. Recent research has also found that garlic contains a powerful substance called allicin, which can cut the risk of catching a cold or the flu by up to half, when taken daily.
  • Red capsicum – While we always think of oranges when considering vitamin C, red capsicum actually contains almost three times as much of this flu fighting vitamin per gram as the humble orange. Add some to your stir fry or salad for extra crunch AND an immune system boost.
  • Yoghurt – Is there anything this super food can’t do? The high probiotic content of active yoghurt gives your body a decent dose of the good bacteria necessary to fight off germs. Building up the good bugs in your system means there will be less room for the nasty ones. Bonus?! It tastes delicious as part of your Healthy Mummy smoothie, or as a yummy snack.
  • Green tea – There’s a reason these particular leaves are touted as an essential for good health. This hot drink contains a high dose of bacteria fighting antioxidants and immune boosting chemicals. Start your day with a cup or enjoy at morning or afternoon tea. You can even get caffeine free varieties.
  • Sweet potato – Not just a delicious, low GI alternative to regular potato, the sweet potato is also a sneaky flu fighter. High in beta carotene (which gives the orange colouring we know so well), sweet potato can help soothe respiratory infections while banishing toxins and other nasties. Roast sweet potato anyone?

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