healthy_foodWe all have days when we could use a bit of a boost.
When we start feeling stressed, sad or just a little bit flat, a high calorie, high fat convenience food can often be our first point of call to help us feel better.
And while a Tim Tam or two will sometimes act as a band-aid solution, providing an immediate spike in mood and feelings of wellbeing, the resulting sugar crash will often end up leaving you feeling worse than before.
Relying on less than healthy snacks isn’t a great option when trying to lose weight either as they’ll leave you feeling hungry and depleted of energy.
Luckily, there are a whole array of delicious, healthy foods that can also help you fire on all cyclinders.
So ditch the sugar and stock your pantry with a few of these little gems for a waistline friendly, energy sustaining boost.

Top foods to boost your mood
  • Bananas – The potassium in this yummy fruit makes them a great snack when you’re feeling stressed or tired.
  • Red and green grapes – Think of the humble grape as your natural mood boosting pill. Super nourishing and full of vitamins, they’ll help you feel more balanced.
  • Salmon and tuna – Eating oily fish may keep your memory in tip top shape, while also helping your attention span and ability to concentration. Studies have also suggested that a lack of omega 3 fatty acids could actually increase your chance of depression. Try incorporating oily fish into your diet twice a week to reap the benefits.
  • Eggs – Delicious, scrambled, poached or hard boiled, eggs contain a nifty nutrient called Choline which has been shown to help the cell membrane function related to mood and energy levels.
  • Grainy bread – Make sure carbs are on the menu (the right kind of course!). Multigrain bread varities help regulate our blood glucose levels which in turn helps maintain energy and our mood.
  • Sushi – Rolls that contain seaweed are a great mood boosting option as the green stuff contains high levels of iodine which helps your thyroid and metabolism function effectively, which is important for a stable mood.
  • Spinach – This leafy green is packed full of antioxidants, which help protect brain cells from the free radicals that dampen mood and drain energy. Spinach is also high in folic acid, a B vitamin strongly linked with preventing depression and reducing fatigue
    Blueberries – Super high in antioxidants, research has shown that regularly popping these little purple balls can keep you churning out feel good enzymes.

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