Top 5 five foods to avoid when losing weight

weight_loss_planWhen losing weight after having a baby, the success of the weight loss program really depends on the food we eat with 80% of our weight loss being down to food and 20% down to exercise – and that is really the weight loss secret that needs to be kept in mind when losing your baby weight and getting back to your pre pregnancy weight.
With that in mind there are foods that we should eat lots of when trying to lose weight (such as lean protein, wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, legumes) and foods that we should avoid at all costs if we want to lose our weight quickly and healthily.

Foods to avoid
  1. White bread, white pasta white rice – these foods are not good for weight loss and as they have no fibre, are high GI, lack nutrients and substance they are released into the blood stream quickly spiking insulin levels and causing us to feel hungry soon after we have eaten – swap to wholegrain versions
  2. Refined sugar – white sugar is sugar that has no nutrient value, is high in calories and causes insulin levels to spike.  By eating this you will still be hungry and be consuming empty and unhealthy calories which will be a big hindrance to your weight loss
  3. Saturated fat – found in red meats and in many junk foods – this does not digest well in our bodies and leads to weight gain and a raft of health problems – stick to unsaturated fat, limit red meat to once a week and always cut the fat off
  4. Takeaway food – full of unhealthy fats, sugar, salt, colourings and always high in calories – avoid the temptation and be organized and make your own food
  5. Alcohol – full of calories and is the one of the quickest ways you can gain weight without even knowing it.  Not only will the actual alcoholic drink be full of sugar and calories but you will often eat more food when you are drinking and make poor food choices the next day if you feel worse for wear

Lose_baby_weight_resultsOne of the most important points in losing weight is to stay healthy and follow a healthy eating diet and meal program. 
Without your body consuming the right nutrients it will not be able to perform to the best of its ability and this means the inability to lose weight, having a slow metabolism and a poor immune system – all of which spell disaster in losing your baby weight and ridding yourself of the belly fat.  So avoid the above foods and get as many nutrients in your day as possible – a good way to do this is by having a Lose Baby Weight smoothie for breakfast and lunch.