If you’ve been in hibernation this winter hiding under those baggy clothes, now is the time to get your act together and shape up for spring!
A good way to start is by swapping those heavy winter comfort foods for some ‘lighter options’.
I guarantee you will feel the difference almost immediately, and not just on your waistline but also the way you feel.

These are my ‘food swap’ tips:

Swap                            Try instead
White Bread                  Corn Wraps or Rice Paper Rolls
White Pasta                  Rice or Spelt Pasta
Hokkien Noodles          Buckwheat Soba noodles
White Rice                    Basmati or Wild Rice
Cous Cous                    Quinoa or Millet
These food swaps are also mainly gluten free, except for the spelt which is a ‘relative’ of wheat, but is it much higher in protein and B Vitamins so it will keep you fuller for longer.
Although these alternatives are ‘lighter’ and easier for the body to digest, don’t go crazy on them as they are still high in carbs, so the ‘half cup cooked’ rule is still in place for these foods. With the wraps or rice paper 50g carbs per serve should be enough to fill you up.
Oh and don’t forget to swap that afternoon coffee for a Healthy Mummy Smoothie, you will feel more relaxed and it may even stop you snacking after dinner.
Written by Elisha Danine, Nutritionist
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