Motivating Mum Elle Temple has lost a fantastic 19kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is a self confessed food lover!

“The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges are fantastic, these provide you with new recipes and exercises to keep going and give you change so that you don’t get bored of eating or doing the same old thing.”


Hello to all my lovely healthy mummies!
My name is Elle, I am very proud to announce I am a Lose Baby Weight motivating mum! I am starting December at 64.4kg, that brings me to a 19.2kg loss since starting the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan, the September 28 Day Challenge and the November 28 Day Challenge. Oh, and I’m also a BIG sucker for a chocolate fix, where would I be without the Guilt Free Chocolate Treats & Baking Cookbook!
Lose Baby Weight has provided me with the all the tools, information, guidance and support I need to lose weight and regain control over my health and fitness. My family often catches me checking myself out when I walk past a mirror, I do this because I’m still in shock, and amazed that, I, a self confessed lover of food, has lost all my ‘baby’ weight and some! I have tried many, many fad diets before and I’ve lasted no more than a few days (or hours!). The reason this has worked for me is because, it isn’t ridiculous, you can eat REAL food.
Yes, you heard it, real yummy ‘tastes naughty’ but isn’t! Its also fantastic that you can grab pretty much everything from your local supermarket or fruit and veg shop. The 28 Day Challenges are fantastic, these provide you with new recipes and exercises to keep going and give you change so that you don’t get bored of eating or doing the same old thing.
I must admit, when I see the recipes I am just amazed at how the combination of foods work so well. Pretty much everything you think of that you would like to eat, Lose Baby Weight Plans and recipes will make a healthy version happen! My favourites are the Caesar Salad, the Spinach Pie and Chicken Parmigiana recipes. All from the November Challenge. My goodness, I am so excited to see the recipes for the January 28 Day weight loss challenge! I am a member of the private lose baby weight and healthy mummy Facebook support group, this is fantastic for inspiration and any help I have needed, perfect for those times when you need to ask a question about a recipe or ingredient and you will have Challengemany responses before you even leave the supermarket!
So, lets get more personal!
I am onto the last 9 kilos I would like to shed, December is full of wonderful celebrations and generally a time of over indulgence. Thank goodness for the Christmas & New Year cookbook ebook, this will be my weight loss saviour. It is important to remind myself that this is a lifestyle I have committed myself to, I will have a slip up every now and then, we are all human. I find that the best way to beat a craving for a certain food is to jump onto the lose baby weight website and search for a recipe and no doubt they will provide you with a healthy alternative that will kill the craving and keep you on track, this is one tool that has really helped me.
Another challenge that I am taking part in is the December Reduce Sugar Challenge, I was very impressed to try the fructose free Healthy Mummy Smoothies, they taste fantastic. I have consciously adding more veggies into my smoothies, and steering clear of foods with hidden sugar. In the lead up to Christmas and New year I am increasing the amount of exercise I am doing, I am running and also using the Lose Baby Weight Exercise DVD. I am closely following the Facebook support group for motivation to keep me on track for the ‘silly season’.
I think the most important thing for me over the next few months is to keep track of my calorie intake as my BMR is changing, its really important to keep track and reassess your intake as needed.
December is going to be a great month! Enjoy!
Elle x
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