While most mums are wary of exercising post pregnancy, there is no other alternative if you want to lose weight fast. Exercise and a healthy diet is the healthiest and best way for fast weight loss post pregnancy.
A combination of healthy dieting and light exercise is what any weight loss plan comprises of. If you follow this weight loss plan, you will have no trouble in achieving your goal of fast weight loss.
While it is tough for mums who have just given birth to follow a weight loss plan, it is the only way to get rid of the extra kg gained during the pregnancy. Most mums find it much easier to rely on dieting rather than exercising to lose baby weight. However, a combination of both diet and exercise is required to quickly lose weight in a healthy way.
When it comes to post pregnancy weight loss, here are some main exercises you should do to lose weight fast.
1. Kegels: Kegels is not just a good exercise to prepare you for your delivery; it is also a great exercise to help your body recover after the birth of your bubs. Yes, mums who used Kegels to build their pelvic muscles prior to their delivery must use the same exercise for fast weight loss as well. In fact, you can start your Kegels exercises almost after 24 hours after giving birth. However, we recommend that you get the approval of your medical expert before you begin any exercise or weight loss plan.
2. Push-ups: Push-ups are very good for strengthening your upper body and toning your arm muscles. As your bubs grow you will realise the importance of building your upper body. Not only does it help you grow stronger to keep up with the rigours of daily activities, it also helps you lose the excess fat on your arms.
3. Crunches: While crunches are one of the best exercises to lose belly fat post pregnancy, you must do them only after your doctor has termed you fit for exercise. Begin with a single set of 10 repetitions and increase the repetitions after a few weeks. Remember the aim is to lose weight fast and tone your muscles, not to overstrain your muscles.
4. Walks/Jogs: Ensure you include 15-30 minutes of brisk walking or light jogging every day. This is one of the best ways to lose weight fast, build stamina and clear your lungs.
5. Yoga: Many health experts recommend yoga for post pregnancy weight loss. Yoga not only helps strengthen your body but it will also help you relieve mental stress to help you deal with the constant demands of your bubs.
Combine these exercises with a nutrient rich diet and watch your body transform itself. You can also look at our various weight loss recipes to help make your weight loss plan a fun experience for your palette. Plus click here to see specific exercise videos from our personal trainer.
So, once you are deemed fit by your doctor, forget the laziness and slowly begin this exercise routine and watch yourself lose weight fast.
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