Product – FitFlop Footwear
Actual product trialled – Bronze Electra
Category – Footwear
Cost – $119.95

Where purchase from – David Jones, The Athletes Foot, Rebel Sport
Web purchase

Lose Baby Weight rating – 4 stars out of 5

Doing some kind of regular exercise is recommended as part of the Lose Baby Weight weight loss plans but being a mum and looking after 1, 2 or 3 children is exhausting and making time in the day to fit exercise in can be a challenge at the best of times.  However as part of our plans we encourage incidental exercise as well as doing other more formal kinds if your timetable and energy levels allow.  And the easiest form of incidental exercise is walking.  We all need to or at least we all can walk every day – and we can increase our amount of walking by walking to the shops, getting off the train or bus earlier, walking the dog, going for a walk with your pram, catching up with friends or just going for a walk for some fresh air and exercise! So walking is easy to do and it can be done by mums of all levels of fitness and it is a safe and effective way to tone up and burn calories – but how fantastic would it be if you could wear a shoe that increased your workout?  Well according to the makers of the FitFlop Footwear they have invented a shoe that does just that – and they call this shoe “a gym in a shoe” – I think the ‘gym in the shoe” claim may be a little far fetched but still I was keen to give them a try and see how good they were.

My first thoughts were that the shoe was a lot higher in the heel and sole than my other thongs and it looked a bit like something my mum would wear – but it also meant I would have more height which for me is always a good thing!  So I put them in and they felt quite comfy.  They were definitely supporting my heel and ankles a hundred times more than my thongs ever were and I already felt that I was doing something good for my feet and legs.  So then came the walk test – and they were remarkably good to walk in and actually felt better than any thongs I had previously worn and they weren’t even rubbing anywhere.  I did a 30 minute walk to my local shops and after about 15 minutes I could definitely feel my bum muscles working which I have never felt from a walk before – which must be a good thing! I have since swapped my normal thongs for the FitFlop sandals and worn them for the past few weeks and whereas my legs haven’t changed into super toned legs I can definitely feel a difference when I walk and it is great to know I can now give my legs and bum an extra work out just by wearing the FitFlop sandals- and for a sleep deprived mum of a new born that is brilliant news!

For more information on FitFlop Footwear please go to Fit Flop web page