motivationThe NY brings with it all kind of brilliant new beginnings. It also brings with it a whole subsection of advertising specifically targeting those of us trying to lose weight or reshape our bodies in some way.
Pills and powders, lotions and potions, the list of ‘instant’ slimming solutions is seemingly endless, and they all vie for space on our TV’s, radio’s and the pages of our favourite magazines.
While fad diets are one thing (and one thing best avoided), so-called slimming aids are a little sneakier as they are designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, meaning that the results that may occur are most likely due to the healthy habits being adopted, as opposed to the ‘miracle’ product also being used at the same time.
Firming body lotions are probably the most innocent of this breed of insta- slimming products. Applied to the skin, they do not penetrate any deeper than the surface of your skin and are designed to treat the very top layer.
Infused with ingredients like caffeine that are purported to increase circulation and help ‘breakdown’ stubborn patches of fat, it is usually recommended that you massage the product into your problem areas everyday for at least four weeks to see results.
So do they work? Unfortunately, evidence seems to suggest that they don’t. The best way to tone and firm your skin is through exercise and a healthy diet. While using a topical product won’t do any harm, relying on one to dramatically change your body will most likely leave you disappointed.
It’s not all bad news though. Applying a lotion, cream or balm to your skin will help plump it up with moisture, leaving it feeling softer and smoother, and even temporarily improving the appearance of problem areas, though the effect will only be temporary.
Cellulite however, which has a slightly different composition to regular fat cells, does respond a little better to topical treatments. While lotions and potions can’t ‘cure’ the problem, the very act of massaging areas prone to dimples can help plump out the area for a short period, improving the appearance and seemingly ‘filling in’ the small crevices we’re less than fond of. Things like dry body brushing and regular exfoliation have also been shown to help treat cellulite, albeit only slightly.
The best way to keep your body (and skin) in tip top shape? Regular exercise, including a mix of cardio and resistance training, a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and nutritious proteins, and plenty of H2O to keep things well hydrated.
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