lose_baby_weightLast year, the wonderful Fiona Sappenbergs lost 10kg on the Lose Baby Weight Plans and below we did a brief Q&A with Fiona to see how she has gone since losing her weight and regaining her pre pregnancy body and any advice she has for other mums wanting to lose their pregnancy weight

Fiona’s Q&A

Q. How much did you lose in total on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. 10kg
Q. What did you find most useful on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. The smoothies! So yummy and I used to prepare my breakfast one the night before so I could just grab the jug out of the fridge in the morning and pop the blender on. Brekkie in less that 2 mins!
Q. Did the plans change how you and your family eat food and exercise?
A. Definitely – i feel like a much better role model for my boys now that we are eating healthy every day and they see mummy exercising – i’ve got so much more energy to run around with them too. 
Q. Have you managed to keep the weight loss?
A.Yep – as soon as I hit my pre-baby weight, I dropped back to 1 smoothie a day instead of 2 and i’ve maintained my weight now for nearly 6 months.

Q. Would you and have you recommended the plans to your friends?
A.Yes and yes!
Q. Any tips you would like to give to other mums wanting to lose their pregnancy weight?
A It won’t happen overnight – but using the Lose Baby Weight plans, tips and advice – it will definitely happen! Don’t feel bad if you lapse – it only reinstates the fact that you were doing it right! Don’t stress about it, you’ve just had a baby – your focus should be on enjoying your beautiful little creation! That is the beauty of the lose baby weight plans – no wasted time counting calories, just chuck all the yummy things into the blender and whizz them up!

If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine. And don’t forget to check out our current promotions and discounts page to see what specials we have on this week on our Healthy Mummy product range