lose_baby_weightHi, my name is Fiona Hall. Thanks to the Lose Baby Weight Program I have lost 13.1kg of my pregnancy weight over the last 4 months on your breastfeeding safe diet – and keep losing over 500g a week consistently still 🙂
I have got two kids under two – my son Connor is one and a half years old and my daughter Brianna just five months, so I needed a weight loss program that is EASY to do and possible while breastfeeding.
I absolutely LOVE the Healthy Mummy smoothies, I reckon they were the biggest success for me personally on this program. I had tried so many shakes over the years and this is the first one I actually look forward to – still, after months of substituting my lunches and a blueberry one is my favourite
weight_loss_resultsDue to hip trouble in my pregnancy I was supposed to rest for all of February and March this year – that didn’t exactly help my weight issues. It also meant that I was scared of exercise after pregnancy, always thinking: “what if my hip starts hurting again and I can’t carry my babies anymore-AGAIN”?
But on this program it started so gently with incidental exercise (both babies loved dancing with them) and I gradually got my confidence up from there.
I am now in a gym again and enjoying my new self immensely – even though  this is just the start for me, I’ll definitely keep going from here.
Thanks to you I looked that little bit nicer on my 30th birthday last Sunday (19/8) – so thanks a lot Lose baby Weight 🙂
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