Feedback On New Healthy Mummy Fitness Launch

Hi everyone
We are all VERY excited about the new launch of the Healthy Mummy Fitness business extension
We are passionate about creating a mums only fitness solution to streamline the brand offering and expand the service that The Healthy Mummy can offer to mums all over the Country
We are 100% dedicated to creating a system that will be of huge benefit to personal trainers and also we want to make this new initiative included in the Healthy Mummy Consultant offering
We are still working through final details but wanted to give you some top line information as well as give you the opportunity to give feedback. We will also be putting out a REGISTER YOUR INTEREST ad for all PT’s to fill out later today with a drop down box to add your details if you are currently working with any
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Top Q&A

How much will it cost to become a Healthy Mummy Fitness Trainer?
We are still working on the details but we are committed to making it an affordable amount for any PT with a passion for training mums
Why do PT’s have to pay?
We will be providing them with marketing, resources, art work, a booking system and the ability to train under our brand name. This is all a very high value and there needs to be a cost associated.  By paying a fee, it also ensures that the PT is serious about being a Healthy Mummy PT and not just using our marketing for free. This is an amazing business opportunity for any PT
Why will PT’s want to do this?
We will help PT’s get clients, take care of all payments, we will help to market them, they can use our brand, they will work closely with existing Healthy Mummy Consultants in the local community
What if I already have a PT doing training in my group
They can only continue to train within the Healthy Mummy local groups if they are a Healthy Mummy PT. Many of you have been providing free exposure and marketing to these PT’s – which is great for them – but now they have seen the power of the local groups they should be able to see the benefits of becoming official. Plus there will be additional marketing support, tools etc
Will I be incentivised as a Consultant?
Yes you will. If you bring on a PT you will receive a sizeable cash incentive. Plus you will receive a 10% commission on all bookings. This means you have a vested interest in recruiting great PT’s and ensuring they are doing a great job in the community
Do they need to be post-natally trained?
Yes – but if they are not they can do a training course to up skill
I am already running sessions and my mums love them – how will I move them over if the PT won’t become a Healthy Mummy trainer?
If your local PT doesn’t want to become a trainer that is no issue. When you have a new PT on board we will create lots of offers and incentives for mums to use the Healthy Mummy PT – this is the power of the brand and being a bigger brand we can do this and this is why many PT’s will want to come with us
My trainer is interested but also wants to train non mums
No issue! They can train other people under a different – non Healthy Mummy Trainer name. But you will probably find that once they are up and running they will be getting so much business from mums that it may be a full time role
I am going to become a PT – what happens for me
It would be GREAT to have all Healthy Mummy Consultants as PT’s too and we will offer discounted rates  to consultants becoming PT so that you are rewarded for skilling up and expanding your healthy mummy business – as always we will look after you and support you
Will there be group sessions and 1 on 1?
Yes there will