A big congratulations goes to Bob Ross for winning the Father’s Day $200 voucher for sharing his weight loss story on the Lose Baby Weight Plans after using our plans with his wife Crissy Ross.
Bob’s story is below:
“People always say, oh he is just big because he is Samoan, well, no; he is big because all his life he has eaten foods high in fat, carbs, sugar and rarely ate fruit or veg. he never cared for portion control and thought he could not have a meal without half his plate being piled up with rice or potatoes, he seemed to be a never ending eating machine and what made it worse is he did not care for exercise, never spoke of it and brushed it off when it was mentioned.
Over the years Sialiitu (AKA Bob) went through phases of buying “magic pills, potions and powders” all only to have the same end result.. he ended up bigger than before. 

 On our holiday to Samoa in 2012 Bob weighed 178kgs and was fairly unfit and had next to no energy daily and upon returning to Australia he got pretty unwell with his kidneys not functioning as they should and his blood pressure hitting the roof, the doctor was quick to admit these problems were mostly caused by his weight; those words hit home and Bob tried his hardest to eat better, however still refusing to exercise, he got down to 152kgs when he started slacking off and going backwards. 

Since then Bob put most of that weight back on and in June this year weighed in at 175kgs just after we had our fourth baby, with the eldest being 5 years old. We were both very dissatisfied with our bodies and most of all, our health, so we  hit the ground running!
Bob is a chef and usually always picks at the food and drinks the post mix through out his shifts, they were the first things he gave up, he also traded his daily ice cream chocked strawberry thick shakes for a peppermint green tea,  we then went shopping and brought loads of salads and veg and i started making him salad sandwiches to take to work as well as making him ‘Lose baby weight’ and ‘The healthy mummy’ smoothies for breakfast most mornings.
He also decided to knuckle down on exercising and we started going for regular walks up the tower hill daily between his shifts and he has recently joined a gym and has committed to regular visits and is also playing volleyball again once a week. 

Bob now weighs in at 153kgs and shrinking! every morning we weigh ourselves and every time we even see 100grams less the excitement is huge and a high 5 necessary! together we are creating a way of life for us and our kids, we are excited for what the future holds for us, and are proud or each others commitment and achievements as we pushing each other and supporting each other.
We now eat the recipes from the lose baby weight recipes at least 90% of the time meaning we are now eating good and wholesome foods and rarely feel the desire to stray and eat bad foods. Our journey is only just beginging, but this is the first time we are on the same page and are both as determined as each other to ditch the fat and unhealthy habits. 

(sent in by Cristine Ross)

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