Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful way to helps us strengthen the maternal-infant relationship to bring us closer to our baby and it provides the best nutrition possible for your baby.
The warm connection that we feel with our lovely bub increases overtime and studies have shown that mothers who breastfeed are more emotionally satisfied.
Some experts also say that breastfeeding helps postpartum mums lose baby weight quicker than non-nursing mums.
So, to help you better understand how breastfeeding for weight loss truly works, we’ll take a quick look at some of the facts about it.
1)      During breastfeeding, nipple stimulation causes the brain to release hormones that help with ‘uterus involution’.
The shrinking of the uterus is also one of the reasons why nursing mums lose some weight after giving birth. In the first week after childbirth the uterus will generally weigh about half of its original weight right after delivery.
By the fourth week, it should be close to its pre-pregnancy weight at about 99 grams or less.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
2)      Studies have shown that women who breastfeed lose weight at the same rate as mums who don’t. The difference is that breastfeeding increases metabolism and helps burn calories which then leads to weight loss.
However, nursing mums must also have a balanced intake of 400-500 kcal per day to keep up energy and milk supply. Although breastfeeding burns calories, don’t forget that you are also making up for it with more calories so you should be doing your post pregnancy exercises at same time.
3)       Contrary to popular belief, when we stop breastfeeding it won’t cause us to gain weight. Many women associate their weight gain with the stoppage of breastfeeding.
The fact is that their diet and daily calorie intake of 400-500 kcal never changed even after they’re not lactating, and they’re not burning off those added calories with breastfeeding.
So, it’s important to change your lose baby weight diet plans to suit your body’s different needs at different stages of the post pregnancy cycle.
4)      A common misconception about breastfeeding to lose weight is that it burns ‘fats’ faster than regular exercise.
Although it is true that you’ll lose weight whilst breastfeeding because of things like uterus involution, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually burning the extra ‘fat’ and ‘flab’ that you’ve gained during pregnancy.
To achieve this, you will need optimum nutrition and exercise plan to get your desired toned postpartum body.
It’s highly possible to lose weight whilst breastfeeding but you must adhere to a weight loss plan that is tailored to cater to postpartum mums. Don’t rush to lose your baby weight immediately.
Take your time to gain back your pre-pregnancy figure with tour 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge that’s specially created for you to lose weight effectively and safely, whilst breastfeeding. And you can read here about safe ways to lose weight when breastfeeding and what you should avoid doing too.

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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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