pregnancy_exerciseWe all know how important exercise is for weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle but what about during pregnancy? Experts have found that moderate levels of pregnancy approved exercise can be hugely beneficial, both physically and mentally for mums-to-be.
Not only can regular exercise help you to maintain your fitness levels (often essential for the ‘birth’ part of your pregnancy), it can also improve mental wellbeing, energy levels and even help keep the amount of weight you gain to the recommended level.
The key to pregnancy exercise is finding something that is safe, effective and enjoyable. Your body experiences huge changes during the antenatal period which can alter your muscle strength, endurance levels and even your sense of balance.
Before falling pregnant, you may have been able to run for 45 minutes one day and back it up with a pump class at the gym the next yet find that since having a baby on board, you struggle to walk for 30 minutes three times a week. You need to listen to your body and perhaps recalibrate your expectations slightly. Focusing on lower impact, less intensive activity is a great way to ease back into exercise, and keep fit, without putting extra strain on your already overworked body.
Here are our five top tips for exercising healthily and happily during pregnancy.

  1. Easy does it – If you exercised regularly before falling pregnant, your fitness levels should already be quite high and continuing with a slightly modified program should be fine (provided your caregiver is happy to give you the go-ahead). If you’re new to exercise, start slow and work your way up. A daily walk or swim is great for building and maintaining fitness levels without putting your body or baby at risk.
    Mix and match – Aim for a programme that includes both cardio and resistance exercises. Activities like walking, swimming and cycling are great, low impact calorie burners while introducing light weights or body weight based exercises into your routine will help build muscle strength and tone. You can complete your own weights program, join a specific class or check out an pre-natal exercise DVD for suggestions. Squats are especially good for training the muscles you’ll be putting under pressure during birth.
  2. Switch up the pace – Your physical ability will change during pregnancy. Some days you may be full of energy while others will require an afternoon lay down and early night! Adapt your workouts to suit your energy and ability levels as they continue to change and remember that, ultimately, any exercise you manage to do is beneficial.
  3. Relax and stretch – Pre-natal yoga and pilates classes are a great way to gently work your muscles, especially those that may need a good stretch. Yoga is also fantastic for your mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Try a class or a pre-natal specific DVD to reap the benefits.
  4. Don’t sweat it – It’s important to stay well hydrated during exercise. This means keeping your heart rate at a comfortable level. A good rule of thumb is bein able to comfortably talk while working out. If you can’t manage a conversation, you’re most likely pushing yourself a bit too hard.

As with anything do to with pregnancy, always consult your caregiver if you have any questions or concerns about exercise.
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