Are you stuck at work? Feeling frustrated because you can’t get to the gym or your weekly exercise class and feeling like you are not going to be able to lose your pregnancy weight? Or are you just fed up of not having the time to do exercise?
No worries, because you can actually do plenty of exercises whilst at your desk or stuck at the office – exercises for your arms, legs, tummy and bum. Read on to find out how.

Out and about at work

Remember that if you have a lunch break, you can utilise that lunch break for exercise – if it’s a nice day, take a quick walk around the block or go for a quick jog. Don’t take lunch to work with you, instead buy it outside of work so that you have to get up and walk around before you can eat – this is a great way to get you moving if you lead an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.
Also, if you drive to work or catch the bus, try getting off one stop earlier so you have to walk further or try cycling for a great full body workout. These little tricks won’t add any extra time onto your day, but they will increase the amount of calories you burn off – if you do this, just be sure to take a change of top (or keep one in the office) and some deodorant in your bag so that you can freshen up before you start your day.

At the desk

An excellent exercise for when you’re stuck at your desk is the tricep dip. Stand with your back to your desk, with your arms beside you and your hands flat on the desk (you need to grip the desk with your fingers). Bend your knees and elbows, clenching your buttocks, and lower yourself towards the ground so that your knees and elbows are at 90 degree angles. Hold for a couple of seconds then extend your arms and knees so that you’re back to your original position. Repeat up to 20 times. This works your arms and calves and clenching your buttocks will also work your bum and tummy.
Lunges are another exercise that you can do anywhere, and you can increase the intensity of them by pushing down on your foot to work your thighs or you can again clench your buttocks to work your bum.
You could also take in simple exercise equipment to the office, such as ankle and wrist weights so that you can get a quick resistance workout when you take your coffee break or lunch break.
Probably the simplest exercise of all when you are at work is to get up and walk! Walk instead of using the lifts, offer to run errands, walk to the water cooler, walk to the bathroom – anything! Just get yourself up and moving and you should notice an improvement in your overall fitness levels.
Even if you don’t think you have the time to exercise – you can do it! Just be inventive and try to fit in exercise whenever you have 5 minutes spare. Remember to speak to your doctor before starting an exercise routine if you are completely new to it.
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