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Exercise Group opportunities

Exercise_sydneyA page has been created under the “Exercise’ tab which is called “Exercise Group Directory”
•Each state will be listed with the Exercise Groups happening in that state
•A maximum of 65 words to be given to each group to inform about their group plus the company logo.  A web link can also click through to the Company website or we can create a separate page to click through with all the group information on
•Each group must be baby friendly and either have a nanny onsite or incorporate the baby into the work out

How will this be promoted?

•Banner promoting the Exercise Groups Directory run across the website
•Various Facebook conversations around exercise groups during the month (current Facebook following is over 80,000 mums)
•Dedicated SEO company promoting this page in all key locations to increase relevant and local traffic
•The opportunity to write a blog on the Lose Baby Weight site to promote your service/results/exercise tips and group – please submit your article
•Cost –  $75 per month

Why be part of the Lose Baby Weight Directory?

•Targeted mum only traffic with no wastage
www.losebabyweight.com.au is the number one destination for mums wanting to lose their weight so you will reach a captive and relevant audience
•Low cost
•High traffic site which is growing each day – over 500,000 page impressions each month and over 150,000 unique visits a month
•Dedicated SEO Company to promote the page, key words and locations

Please fill out the below information to register on our Directory.  You will be taken through to the payment section once you have submitted the below form