dancing for weight lossIn honour of C&C Music Factory who are performing around Australia at the moment (don’t pretend you’ve forgotten the 90s!), we thought we’d talk about dancing for fast weight loss.
Do you want to shift that baby weight and lose belly fat? Dancing is a great way to get those endorphins firing, create some happiness and lose weight at the same time.
Dancing is something you can do at home, at a friend’s house, anywhere at all. The best bit is that this is one of the exercises you can do with your bub (right up until they start rolling their eyes at you that they’re far too cool). Even the cat might join in (we had to explain the silly photo above after all!)
Now if you’re not the best dancer that’s ok. The reason Zumba got so popular is that they promote the fact it doesn’t matter what you do just as long as you are moving and getting out of breath…. and they’re right. So get that gorgeous body moving and get your dancing shoes on (sneakers are OK too).
Personally if I feel I’ve been a bit lazy and the weather isn’t very inviting outside, I’ll put some great music on and start bouncing on the spot, then I’ll add in a twisting motion (making sure my pelvic floor muscles are engaged and the motion is controlled) and really work my waist. Once I’ve gotten out of breathe I’ll just start moving around the house in time to the music, and guess what? You’re dancing!
Do that for 20 minutes 3 times in the day and you’ve knocked out a whopping 350 calories (even more if you incorporate step ups in your routine). How’s that for kick-starting your fast weight loss?
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