After gaining 35kg with my first child I swore I wouldn’t do it with my second. I had lost 20kg when I fell pregnant, and this time gained 20kg.
So I decided to do something about it straight away. I purchased the 28 day diet plan at the end of January.
I really liked it because it supported my breastfeeding and my husband could do it too. In the first week I lost 3.4kg.
The first few days were really hard while I was breaking my bad sugar habits, but after that I found it really easy.
I have lost 6.5kg in the first month and can’t wait to keep going and meet my goal of 20 more kg!

I feel much better and have more energy. My milk supply hasn’t been affected either which was my biggest concern.

I love the food – my favourite breakfast is Bircher muesli and I also love the San Choy bow.

Thanks so much Lose Baby Weight, I’ve finally found a lifestyle plan that can fit in with my life.

Erin Willey


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