Hi Mums!
My Name is Erin, I’m 29 years old and the Mum of a spunky almost 4 year old and a beautiful almost 1 year old.  I guess my journey with weight Loss started in September 2009. I had been married for 6 months and had just found out I was pregnant with my first child. Whoo Hoo! Not only was my already amazing family expanding but I could now eat for 2 right? I am 6ft tall and have never been over 70kgs. That’s a size 8-10.  I was actually a bikini model for the later part of my teens and early 20’s. What could possibly go wrong?
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I developed pre-eclampsia when I was 36 weeks pregnant and delivered my boy at 37weeks by emergency c-section. Our first family photo isn’t one I look at fondly as all I see is this large 110kg woman and can barely see the tiny baby I am holding. I had put on 40kg while pregnant. I stayed out of photos which looking back makes me sad because it looks like I wasn’t around when my boy was a baby. I managed to lose 20-25kgs on my own but never felt like me in the skin (and fat!) I was in and sadly fell into depression in June 2012 at around 85kg. I had quit smoking earlier and had gained a lot of weight in a short period of time and by July I was 94kg.
Then in August I fell pregnant. I tried everything I could to keep the weight at bay, and had my beautiful girl in April 2013. When I got home from the hospital I jumped on the scales thinking I didn’t do to badly and was horrified as the scales tipped 122kg. I was devastated. I had seen the Lose Baby Weight posts and weight loss plans on Facebook and decided that was it. I’m getting my life back.
I know a lot of people think you should focus on your baby and not on losing weight. But my weight affected my milk, it affected my mood and therefor the mood of my children. I needed to be healthy for them, and for me. So I started on the Lose Baby Weight 28 day plan  weight loss plans as soon as I got home.
Within 4 weeks I had dropped to 108kg. Just the results I needed to keep me going. I started on the healthy mummy smoothies once a day and LOVED them! When my little girl was 2 months old I went back to work, as a manager of a small company there was no-one to fill in for me. Plus I had been through financial hardship in the past and didn’t want to be there again. The convenience of the healthy mummy smoothies and the meal plan was my savior during this time!
By the time my baby was 6 months old I had hit 90kgs, less than my pre-pregnancy #2 weight.  The healthy eating meal plans were a way of life by then and my whole family loved them. Including my husband who had lost 12kg by this stage. My Mum also tries to come over at least 3 times a week to eat with us because she loves the meals so much!! The weight just kept coming off after that and just 8 months after beginning I weighed in at 79kg.  A total of 43kg lost. I was THRILLED!
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The last 3 months I have been see-sawing between 78-80kgs. I would love to get to 70kgs or just below however I do feel more like I know the woman who greets me in the morning in the reflection. My children are happy and I can play with them, and dance, and run and wrestle and I love it.
I also love sitting down each week and working out the meal plan with my husband. It is something we do together, which is rare as I work full time and he works nights. We love cooking together when we get the chance and are yet to find a meal we don’t love from the Lose Baby Weight recipes and weight loss plans!
I can’t wait to post during April, to keep me on my goals for the last 10kgs, but also to inspire others to find the freedom I have found after losing the weight. I feel like not only have I added years to my life but I am teaching my children to be healthy and happy and to work for what you want. My son tells me almost daily that I am beautiful and that melts my heart.
I look forward to this new chapter in this amazing journey.
We can do it!!
Xxx Erin
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