Hi Lose Baby Weight, I’m currently weighing 81kg, which is a total loss of 41.7kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans!
Have been at this weight for about 4-5 weeks. Happy that i’m not gaining and thrilled to have made it through the “festive” season without becoming “jolly!”
The Lose Baby Weight plans and healthy mummy smoothies aren’t just a fad, or a weight loss diet, they are a way of life.
I started this thinking I would love to lose 52 kg and then I would be able to do it on my own.
But the truth is I HAVE done it on my own, with the support of friends, family and the amazing Lose Baby Weight family, but I am the one who makes the healthy mummy smoothies, follows the Lose Baby Weight plans and exercises (though my 3 year old keeps asking me if it’s time to do “our” exercises yet!).


The healthy mummy smoothies are so yum and such a time saver ( so important for a full time working Mum of 2!)and recipes are so amazing that i think they will be a regular part of my day for a long time to come!
Thank you for such creating such great and healthy plans to help mums to lose weight – I love them!
Erin Field
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