“Hi Lose Baby Weight team, I had to write you an email as I have been on your baby weight plans for just over two weeks now and I have a major achievement to report – which I have to add I am very proud of!!
I am a self confessed take away addict. I have 3 children (2,4 and 6) and also work 3 days a week. This means I never ever have any time and I am always tired – which leads me or my husband ordering takeaway for dinner about 4 times a week ( I know – it is terrible!!).
I think this is one of the reasons I am still carrying 15kg from my past pregnancy and over the past few months it has got me down
So a friend recommended I try your Lose Baby Weight products and I thought why not!  I bought your 28 Day Diet & Exercise plan as well as the smoothies and I must say how impressed I was! The healthy mummy smoothies were really yummy and I am loving all the recipes you have on your site for them.
I have read the 28 Day Plan twice and am really excited about the recipes in it and how it is so structured.  And after two weeks I am SOOOOOOO happy to report that NO TAKEAWAY has entered our house – AND I have lost 2.8kg.
I have found everything really easy to follow and it has been easy to make the changes and pre plan the food. My family have all enjoyed the meals too and I have just doubled the quantities in the ingredients to feed everyone and it is great not to have to cook twice.
Thank you for such a great plan and product and I look forward to bringing you my total weight loss in a couple of months – which I finally know I can do!! Erica Robertson x”
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