While being pregnant is amazingly special at any time of year, it’s got a little extra sparkle at christmas time.
Maybe it’s all the festive cheer or the joys of being given the most comfy chair at any and all family get-togethers, but whatever it is, being up the duff during Chrissie can be a fantastic experience.
It can also be a challenging time of year to have a baby on board.
There’s the endless social engagements, catch ups that start at the beginning of December (and don’t seem to end till Australia day!) and all that middle of summer heat!
And that’s not taking into account all the food on offer. From chilled prawns, to smoked salmon there’s a veritable smorgasbord of food on offer that can send you into a ‘can i eat that?’ spin.
To help take the stress out of the festive season, we’ve prepared a survival guide of the top do’s and dont’s to watch out for during the festive months.

The baby on board Christmas survival guide
  • Do remember to stay hydrated. When the temperature starts to rise, it’s very easy to become dehydrated quickly, especially when you’re skipping between get togethers, or navigating the Chrissie crowds at the shops. Make sure you keep a water bottle on you at all times and sip regularly.
  • Don’t feel as if you need to be superwoman. Try and space out big tasks like Christmas shopping, family catch ups, setting up the tree, attending carols so that you’re not completely exhausted and overwhelmed after one massive weekend.
  • Do ask what’s on your plate. Office Chrissie parties or large gatherings complete with catering will usually mean unfamiliar food on offer. Canapes and other nibbles can be enjoyed in moderation, provided you know what’s in them and how long they’ve been out of the oven and circulating for. Minimise the risk of listeria by eating before (or after) you go and asking the serving staff what exactly they are serving.
  • Don’t feel as if you have to do everything. Pick and choose and events that you realistically think you can make it to AND enjoy. Packing your calendar too full can lead to unnecessary stress. Try and do what’s important to you, and what you enjoy the most.
  • Do avoid the cheese platter. Blue veined and mould ripened cheese (like brie or camembert) platters seem to be lurking around every corner during the festive season. While all cheese in Australia is required to be pasteurised (unlike in some European countries), it’s often better to be safe than sorry. Stick with hard cheeses which are just as yummy and won’t cause any post-swallowing stress.
  • Don’t suffer stiletto’s. The heat combined with normal pregnancy swelling can mean feet are extra tender when you’ve got a bub on board. Squeezing your poor tootsies into a pair of super high heels will probably end up causing an early exit on your behalf when you head home to put your feet up. Stick with a pair of gorgeous flats, sandals or embellished thongs for all the style, without any of the pain!
  • Do be mindful of heartburn. Larger than normal sized meals and fancy ingredients that you only eat once a year can trigger this unpleasant ailment. Minimise the chances of it occurring by eating small, regular meals and trying to stick to healthy eating as often as possible. Stocking up on some pregnancy safe heartburn remedies wouldn’t go amiss either!

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