Without doubt, losing weight when you have children is no easy job. Yes there are some mums who naturally shed the weight but most mums do struggle and it can be hard work – which is why we created the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating and exercise plans – all designed for the busy and tired mum.
But there seems to be a couple of times when the weight loss can be harder to maintain and a couple of topics we regularly get asked questions on are how to overcome emotional eating and how to still have the smoothies or stay on track if you are back at work.
So below you will see some advice on these two issues – please email us if you would like some different topics covered

Emotional eating

Being a mum and running a family/household/job can make you feel overwhelmed and when this happens emotional or mindless eating can happen. This means we can turn to food when we are grumpy/stressed/bored/angry/sad and at some stage or another this happens to all of us – but if you do this every day then weight gain will happen and it will be really hard to lose weight. So what are some tips to beating emotional eating:

  • Try and address the issues which is causing you to feel emotional and try and put something in place to stop it.
  • Try and create something else for you to do when you feel like eating everything – but know it is not hunger. For example go for a walk, do squats, look at a celebrity gossip site (always good for taking your mind off stuff), look at our Facebook page for moral support, call a friend or family member, do the washing, clean up or play a game with your little one
  • Drink a glass of water – better if the water has ice in it as your metabolism then has to work harder to warm it up
  • Have a cup of green tea – this is thought to help your metabolism and appetite
  • Keep freshly cut veggies in your fridge – like celery, carrots, capsicum, cucumber so when you need to munch on something you are munching on foods very low in calories and full of nutrients
When you are back at work
  • Our Healthy Mummy smoothies can be pre made in the morning and if they are kept in an air tight container and cold they are fine – but we don’t recommend adding a banana if you are pre making them as they spoil quickly.
  • You can also take your smoothie mix to work and make up there. You can either use a shaker flask to shake with just milk or get a stick blender at work and whip one up really quickly using that with minimum fuss, cleaning and effort
  • We also have 28 lunch recipes in our 28 Day Plan which you can premake the night/day before and take to work with you
  • You can also choose healthy sandwiches and salads for lunch – just avoid creamy pastas
  • Stay away from the vending machine
  • Take your own healthy snacks to work
  • Take the stairs not the lift
  • Go for a walk in your lunch break
  • Don’t give in to peer pressure with office cake! Instead try and rope your colleagues into healthy eating and suggest that everyone chips into getting a big fruit box for the office each week

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