My name is Emma and I started using the Lose Baby Weight plans one year ago.  This time last year I was 25kg heavier than I am now.
At that stage my baby boy was 4 months old and although I lost about 10kg after his birth, that weight loss had grind to a halt.  Since it had taken me almost 18 months to lose the weight I’d put on during my first pregnancy, I decided I wanted to be more proactive about getting back into shape this time around.
I’d seen ads about the Lose Baby Weight plans in magazines and I liked that their products were safe for breastfeeding Mums.  So, I ordered the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan book and my first batch of Healthy Mummy Smoothie powder.  I also got myself a double pram so I could go for walks while taking my two little ones along for a ride.
post baby weight loss
I love to cook and eat, so I was a bit unsure about whether meal replacement smoothies would work for me, but I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the smoothies are and I enjoyed trying out lots of different flavour combinations.  I had a smoothie for breakfast and lunch and healthy snacks and dinner as suggested in the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan and in the first month I lost 5.8kgs, which I was stoked about. I also loved how easy and convenient it was being able to quickly whip up a smoothie for my breakfast and lunch – another reason why they’re so great for busy Mums!
My goal was to get my weight down from 89kg to 72kg, what I weighed before my second pregnancy.  I reached that goal in September last year, 5 months after I started using the Healthy Mummy smoothies.  At that point I decided to stop using the smoothies as meal replacements, to see if I could maintain my weight loss just through healthy eating and exercise on the 28 day plan.  I’m happy to say that by December last year I had gradually lost another 5kg, taking my weight down to 67kg, my pre-baby weight 🙂  
I’m so grateful to the Lose Baby Weight team for all the support they provide via their website and Facebook page and for creating such a brilliant range of products to help Mums get back in shape safely and at their own pace.
Emma Jakku
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