Emma didn’t think she’d made much progress towards her weight loss goals after completing the November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge without having time to do many of the exercise plans but was very excited to learn she’d lost 4.2kgs and was almost in the 80s with her healthy eating.
Hey ladies,
I started the November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge at 95kgs.
lose_baby_weightI felt so unfit and as a single mum to my 8 month old son, like I was letting him down by not being the best, healthy mummy I can be. As I’m still breast feeding I was worried about my supply but not once did I feel hungry or my supply drop, I felt lighter and excited about eating again, healthy eating!
I didn’t keep up with all the excercises but I tried to walk a few days a week and complete the excercises I was able to. Jumping on the scales on Monday I was skeptical that I would have a loss without all the excercise but I was amazed I weighed in at 90.8kgs and I felt awesome, so close to the 80’s.
healthy_eating_diet_plansI’m very happy with my achievement though out the November 28 Day Challenge. I’m so excited for the January Challenge to up my excercise!
Thank you guys so much for the awesome support, I couldn’t do it without you all.
I look forward to kicking some butt in the next Challenge, in the meantime I’m completing the “Reduce Sugar Challenge” and the “28 Day Tone Up Challenge”!
best_ways_to_lose_weightThanks again
Emma Blakely

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