At Lose Baby Weight, we are lucky enough to have so many amazing stories of success sent through to us from mums who are following our healthy eating and weight loss plans ans we try and share as many of them as we can with other mums to help give inspiration to those who need it and who want to read an uplifting story.
This week, we received a fantastic email in from Emma Sanderson from WA who has lost 25kg on the plans and has kindly agreed for us to publish her email her below.  So please read on and I hope you are inspired by Emma’s success as we are as she has done amazingly well and we are so happy for her 🙂

Emma’s Journey

lose_baby_weightMy children are 4 and 18 months old and up until 5 months ago I have never been more unhealthy I am ashamed to say.  I always thought that I would set a good example to my children but the reality of life set in and I have found it impossible to live a healthy life and lose weight.
Following the birth of my first baby 4 years ago I gained 25kg.  I managed to lose 10kg through breastfeeding over the first 6 months but the remaining 15kg wasn’t going anywhere – when when I tried the likes of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Tony Ferguson.  Then I started back at work and juggling my 9 month old and being back at work was so hard that I didn’t even care about the weight anymore – it was all just so hard and I wished for a rich husband so I didn’t have to go back to work!
Then further down the line we got pregnant again and I gained another 25kg and 3 months after the birth I weighed in at 100kg.  My diet was just terrible too – and I think as I was just so tired and so hectic I just didn’t care. A normal day for me would be eating cereal for my three meals as it was so fast to make and then snacking on chips or chocolate during the day too and I literally did this ALL THE TIME! I never cooked as I just couldn’t be bothered.  I knew it wasn’t ideal but I felt like I was in a groundhog day in life and I just didn’t care.  This went on for another 6 months until I realised how unhealthy I had become and how poor my skin, hair and nails had become (I had spots all over my chin all the time – the gross under the skin ones that never went), how poor my toilet habits were, how many rolls of tummy fat I had, how disgusting my butt was and my arms now resembled my thighs and I decided I HAD TO do something about it.
So I started looking around for something new and stumbled across Lose Baby Weight. And OH MY GOD am I glad I did.  It has changed my life.  Rhian has been amazing and in 5 months I have lost 25kg and am now at 75kg which I am so happy about 🙂  I feel so much healthier, have lots of energy for my children and have rediscovered a love for good food and cooking.  Plus I am now exercising daily and feel younger and fitter than I ever have and for the first time in years and years my skin is clear and I don’t have those horrible under the skin spots!
I have 10kg to go to get to my goal weight and I hope to get there by October 1. Can’t wait! Thanks Lose Baby Weight!!

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